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Try create a website free for 30 days and use all our features for free. Then for only $19.95/month you get a free domain, fast reliable web hosting, an easy to use website builder and shopping cart software to build your own online shop.
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Easy, Easy, Easy

easysiteThere's a reason it's called Easysite. We've made updating your site completely simple and fun. Forget about learning how to write website code, installing software and plug-ins or transferring files. We've taken all the hard work out and made it easy.

Start for Free

easysiteStart using Easysite for free! Try all our features for free, no credit card needed, sign up and start building your website free. There's no upfront payment and no obligation to purchase. If you're not completely happy with your new site, simply cancel.

Free Domain Name

easysiteNow you can select a free domain name to use with your site after your initial site payment. You can also easily hook up a domain name that you already own. When using your own domain name, people can go to and they won't see "easysite" in the address bar. (No one will know how easy it was to make your great-looking website.)

Professional Website Looks

easysiteWhile other site builders offer blank templates, Easysite lets you choose a professional website "look" for your site that you can change it any time. Beyond Easysite's preset looks, we also offer an additional service where we'll create a customized look just for you.

Get Found On Search Engines Like Google

easysiteEasysite was built from the ground up with search engines in mind. Every page of your easysite is made to be slurped up and indexed by search engines like Google. What this means to you is that people will be able to find you online and you'll get more customers.

Free Telephone And Email Support

easysiteAt Easysite we love to hear from and help our customers. If you require any help creating your website or would like us to set up and build your site call us toll-free at 877 8-EASYSITE (877 832-7974).

Social Networking Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

easysiteEasysite provides integration with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube and Google Plus. Easily link to your Facebook or Twitter page. There's even an option to put Facebook "like" buttons throughout your site.

HD Videos with Full-Screen Playback

easysiteWith Easysite it's easy to post videos to your own website. Already have videos on YouTube? Easysite can also display videos hosted on other services.

Top-Level Website Hosting Included

easysiteWhen you create a website using Easysite your reliable fast website hosting is always included. Get top-level, fail-safe hosting from multi-homed providers. This lets you have unlimited visitors to your site with maximum up-time.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

easysiteOur online help can't be beat. Simply pick the subject you're interested in and watch a short video. Watch and learn how to update your site in minutes!

Feature-Rich Pages

easysite Home page, custom pages, news, online store, blog, message board, calendar, guest book, survey page, chatroom, contact us form, video chat, video broadcast, files page, links, picture galleries, video pages, audio page...they're all built in and ready to go.

...More Features

No Software to Install
With Easysite you work on your site within your site. Your browser is the only tool you need to update your professional website. There's no software to install and learn. No transferring files, publishing or plug-ins to install. It's all good.

Safe and Secure
With Easysite, you can set pages to be "members only" access. This locks up pages so only you and your logged in site members can access them.

Easy-to-Use Word Processing Editor
Update your pages as easily as using a word processor right within the site. See your changes as you edit. Change the font, color, background, sizes, alignment also easily drop in pictures, create links and much more.

Fast and Powerful Picture Uploading and Editing
Easysite's image uploader/editor has been overhauled for better performance and faster uploads. You can edit, crop and even add captions to your pictures before you start uploading!

Lots of Fonts
Choose from 100 different fonts to use on your website. Easysite lets you access great looking and creative fonts for use within your site.

Customizable Home Page
With Easysite, you have more options for customizing your home page. Choose a layout and what items to displayed. With Easysite your home page is always up to date.

Customized Headers
With Easysite you simply enter the title, sub-title and even additional heading text for your site. You can also upload your own custom header with your own logo and artwork.

iPhone/iPad/Android Ready
Every Easysite is ready to be viewed on all of today's popular smart phones. More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. With Easysite, your site is ready.

Daily Site Back-ups
All websites hosted with Easysite are backed up daily. No need to worry about your website data being safe with us.

Live Video Chatroom
Now you can create your own video chat room right within your site. Live video conference with your coworkers and friends. Meet potential customers in an online face to face meeting.

Live Video Broadcast
Have an important presentation? Want to present to a group remotely? With Easysite, live video streaming is built right into your site.

Visitor Tracking with Google Analytics Integration
Want to find out as much as possible about visitors to your site, where they came from, how long they spent on each page? Easysite seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to give you all the information about your site visits.

Site Members and Additional Administrators
Add members or additional administrators to your site. For example, if you wanted to have someone else update the news page, simply create a membership for them. Want someone else to be able to update everything on your site? Add them as an administrator.

Site Followers
Want to keep in touch with your customers, send out newsletters or weekly coupons? Add your visitors and customers as "followers" of your site to keep them up to date and engaged.

Group Lists
Now you can create lists of your members and followers. After you have organized your members and followers into lists, you can easily assign calendar event reminders to the right people. Also share items and send out email blast to your specific lists.

Email Blast
Want to send out a weekly email special to promote your business? Have a special announcement or invitation to send out? Easysite's improved email blast feature lets you easily create professional looking emails to keep in touch with your customers.

Online Store with Shopping Cart
Easysite's online store is the easiest way to start selling your items online today. Easysite's store page now lets visitors post online reviews and ratings for the items you're selling.

Calendar with Email Reminders
Your calendar page is a shared calendar for your site. Easily keep track of important dates and events. Set up yearly events as well as auto-fill repeating events. The calendar page also lets you automatically send out reminders for events.

Custom Pages
Custom pages can be thought of as blank pieces of paper or Word docs that you can easily layout text, pictures and much more on. These are the pages that you would use to create an "about us", "our services" or "contact us" page.

Picture Galleries
It's easy to upload, organize and maintain your own picture gallery online with Easysite. Batch upload and edit pictures within your site. Organize albums, display slideshows and even order prints all within the site.

Video Pages
Video pages let you post high-quality videos to be played back within your site. Host videos from other sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. There's even an option for full-screen playback.

Message Board
Keep the conversations going with your own online message board. The message board lets people view and respond to messages.

Files Page
Share important documents using your files page. Post and share Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, PDF files and more.

Links Page
The links page lets you post links to other relevant web pages. Use links to share videos or even your favorite websites.

The blog page is your online journal. Post interesting articles about your business or new ideas about your area of expertise.

News Page
Keep everyone up to date with the latest news on your site. The news page keeps your site fresh and visitors coming back.

Audio with Background Music
Host audio clips within your site. Post music and even assign background music to your site.

Use the survey feature to collect answers or feedback from your site visitors. Survey questions can easily be added as multiple choice questions or text questions.

Email Form
Use the email form page as a contact us page or as a form for visitors to submit information with.

The chatroom lets you chat online with your site members right within your site.

Multi Pages
Multi pages are like custom pages (blank pages) with the added feature of sub-pages. This means you can have as many custom pages as you want within a multi page. For example you might name a multi page called "Services" then have sub-pages for all the different types of services you offer.

The guestbook lets visitors to your site say "hi" and leave you a note.

User Feedback/Comments
Throughout your site users can leave comments as you allow. This lets you get important feedback from your site visitors. On the store page users can even write reviews and rate products.

Sharing Site Items
Throughout your site, you are able to use "share" links to notify your site members and followers about updates and additions to your site. The "share" feature can also be used to share site items on Facebook and Twitter.

Email Notifications
Use the email notifications feature to let your site members and followers know when something on your site has been added or updated.

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